Slut’s Night Out

1311645140I was instructed by MASTER to wear a short skirt with no panties, garter belt with stockings, and a see through top so that my nipples would show through. I dressed carefully in my Catholic school girl skirt with black stockings and garter belt and a sheer white blouse that left my pink nipples exposed, I showered and perfumed my pussy and ass, got in my car and drove to the appointed address. My palms were sweating as I pulled up to the house. It was a nice place near Inglewood, on a street near Manchester Ave. There was a large picture window in front a van in the driveway with tinted windows and a brick walkway up to the front door. As I got out of the car a little breeze blew the hem of my skirt up and I could feel the coolness against my moist vagina. I was trembling a little as I walked to the door in my 5″ heels.

I rang the bell and waited, no one answered. I rang it again and a man’s voice answered “Kneel slut”. I did as instructed and the door opened and I crawled inside the house. I found myself staring at a semi erect, dark brown cock, without any other thing being said, I took the tip of it between my freshly painted lips and began to gently suck the head in and out, not daring to go fast or deep until instructed. The semi flaccid penis began to thicken and stiffen as I began to suck it deeper and I heard a slight moan escape from the lips of its owner. Then, from behind me I heard another voice. This time it was a woman’s! “She seems willing enough, doesn’t she” the woman said. I continued to minister to the cock in front of me. The man put his hands on the back of my head and began to pull me forward to his hard stomach as he fucked my mouth deeper and deeper. “Oh, yeah, she’s ready for some fucking”. The woman attached a collar to my neck. It was leather and about 3″ wide with a round ring on the front. She then snapped a leash to

the ring and ran it between the man’s legs, I was aware of her walking behind him. She picked up the leash and began to pull and release it in rhythm with her man’s increasingly demanding thrusts. “Better slow down before you bust your nut lover”. The woman placed the leash in the man’s hand and walked around him and knelt in front of me at eye level. She watched intently as I tried to take the entire length of the man’s cock down my throat. “She’s a great little cock sucking whore, this one. I’m about to bust” The woman’s face was very close to mine, she was tall and beautiful, with almond shaped eyes of a golden color, and beautiful dark black skin (almost purple) which glistened in the light as if finely oiled. Her mouth was full and sensuous with straight white teeth and a slit of pink tongue between them. Her breath smelled like peppermint. She was dressed in black leather thigh high boots, with a black leather crotch less strap panty, her breasts were encased in a leather bra which left them totally exposed. They were large and bullet shaped with a BLACK aureoles and long sensuous nipples. She put her cheek next to
mine and moved her head in sequence with my bobbing, sucking motion. She reached around my back and with her right hand reached inside my blouse and found my right nipple. She began to twist it gently….at first. “Little white whore, You know why you’re here tonight and you are going to get everything that’s coming to you and more “she whispered. “My name is Myra, and I will see to it that you are thoroughly fucked like the little slut you want to be. You will be used by any and all that I command. There are no ‘safe’ words tonight dear, whatever is demanded of you, you will do, or be punished for it. If you agree and still want your darkest desires full filled suck that cock until you gag on it then use the drool to lubricate it until you can take all 8″ of that Mandingo dick down your throat to the balls” I forced myself to open my mouth wider and to breathe through my nose as I gorged on the hard staff embedded in my mouth. I felt the tip of his cock as it made its way deeper and deeper into my throat, past the back of my mouth and into my neck. My nose began to run and my eyes were watering as I gagged on its length. The mucus from my throat came up past my lips and Myra caught it in her hand. She smeared it on my face and on the engorged penis and then impaled my head on the shaft forcing it forward until my nose was embedded in the man’s pubic hair and his balls were slapping my chin. He fucked my throat HARD! “That’s enough you cunt! You’re going to be here for a while. You don’t deserve any reward yet.” With that, she pulled my head away from the stiff bobbing cock and forced it to the carpet. “Keep your head down bitch! and don’t you dare raise your eyes”. Myra stood and walked behind me. She grabbed my hips and raised them so that i was on my knees with my ass in the air. I felt her lift the hem of my skirt and toss it up over my back, exposing my cunt to her inspection. She knelt behind me and ran the tips of her fingers upward from my clit, across my dripping pussy and continued upwards spreading my juices to my asshole. “This slutty little white bitch is wet a plow horse” she said. Then I heard a whoosh and felt a sharp blow across my ass and a painful sting. “That’s for being such a horny cunt.” The doorbell rang and I was aware of Myra rising to answer it. I wanted to look up to see the man’s face and who was at the door but I feared another strapping from the whip. “Ed, Tony, Hank, Billy, Tyrone, Uba, you’re right on time. Our whore was a little early so Ivan and I have taken the liberty of warming her up for tonight’s festivities, although,

she didn’t seem to need much encouragement”. I had been told that there would be six men taking my ass this evening. Evidently someone had brought along a friend to enjoy
the action. My face was still resting on the carpet as Myra approached me from behind. She unzipped my skirt and let it fall to my knees. I heard sounds of appreciation from the men who had entered. “She has a perfect ass for fucking, and her pussy is so damp you could water your lawn.” They all laughed and I felt something large and smooth being pressed between my legs. I tucked my head so that I could see Myra as she began working a large dildo into my sopping pussy, She would twist it a little as she stroked it in and out, inserting a little more of it in my cunt each time. Soon, she had established a rhythm and I could not help but rock back into it as she thrust it deeper and deeper. I saw the legs of the men who had arrived as they disrobed and removed their pants. It seemed that none were wearing underwear and I thought it was strange, then I realized that they had all indeed come to fuck their “White, cum slut whore”. My excitement was building as Myra fucked my pussy with the phallus. My puckered ass felt something hard pressing against it. It was a small knob and it was unyielding in its persistence. I felt a
cool sensation as a lubricant was applied to the tip of the object, then increasing pressure on my rosebud. Suddenly, with a slight pop the thing slipped past my restrictive anal muscles and the shaft embedded itself firmly in my asshole. Myra was now fucking my cunt with the dildo and my ass with the handle of her cruel whip. “Now that’s some ready white ass” a voice behind me said. Myra laughed and said “You guys want some of this white bitch?” There was a roar of laughter and a round of resounding yeses to her question. “This white cum slut is yours for the evening boys” Myra said and she roughly jerked her whip from my tender ass and the dildo from my sopping pussy. “Stand up cunt and let the men have a look at you” I got to my feet with my skirt in a pool at my feet. My blouse was ripped from my body and the buttons scattered across the floor. I stood in front of Myra and seven tall muscular black men. All with enormous cocks standing at attention as they slowly stroked them. I must have smiled in anticipation because I felt three sharp stinging blows across my ass. “I will prepare this whore for your use” Myra said. She then produced four sets of leather cuffs. She attached them to my wrists and ankles then she lead me by my leash to a glass coffee table in the middle of the living room. Under the table was a mirror. She led me to the table and bound my ankles to the legs on one side. Then she picked up a bag from the couch and withdrew a handful of clothes pins. I wondered what the hell the clothes pins were for, for only a moment before she attached one of them to each of my hard nipples The pressure and pain was exciting. Then she bent me forward over the table and secured my wrists to the legs on the other side. Now I was bent over and helpless and could see my body reflected in the mirror on the floor. I saw a man approach me from behind. “Wail a minute Ed. I’ve still got some work to do here. Remember her ad said “fill my ass”. With that, Myra called to Ivan and they both spread my nether lips and began attaching the pins to the folds of my cunt. I recall that they had attached about a half dozen to each of my labia when Myra said, “OK boys fill that ass with your cocks. The clothes pins will tickle your balls as you ram your pricks in her butt” Again laughter from all around. I saw a small nozzle being pressed to my ass with a bulb attached. “This hole will need a little lube until you guys stretch it open” Ivan, squeezed the bulb and I felt a stream of lubricant jet up my ass. Finally it was time for the first of the men to take his pleasure. It was the one

named Ed who came to the table and got on his knees. He began to push his cock into my lubricated asshole. It hurt a little as my ass resisted his invasion. But, soon he had
the head of his cock past the barrier and began to push his way up my hole. He would push in a little then pull out, push in a little further, and pull it part of the way out. He continued to work his prick in my ass, in ever increasing depth, very slowly. I could feel his length as he stretched my bowels open. After about 5 minutes or so I felt him deep within me and his balls came in contact with the pins attached to my cunt. It was like an electric shock! He began to fuck me in earnest now, rocking his hips faster and faster as he ravaged my anus. “Oh man, this is a tight little hole” Ed said. “Just perfect for fucking” “Don’t be hogging that whore Ed, let someone else have a chance” “There’s enough for all and a long time to enjoy it” Ivan said. Ed, pulled his stiff prick from by gaping hole, walked to the front of the table, lifted my head and kissed me on the lips. “Now suck your butt juice off my cock slut.” He held my chin up while I began to suck him. Another man took Ed’s place at the end of the table. This one was not so gentle. His cock slammed into my ass balls deep. It was larger than Ed’s and I felt my guts fill
with its girth. He used long violent hard pounding strokes as he reamed my butt. I felt my asshole open and gape as he plunged his hard tool in and out. Ed groaned and shot a load of cum deep down my thirsty throat as the other man pounded me harder and harder. Each deep lunge would bring his balls in contact with the pins on my cunt and shoot little stabs of pain into my pussy. “That’s enough Tyrone, It’s my turn now.” Tyrone withdrew his cock from my gaping asshole to be replaced by another. Not as long as Ed or Tyrone, Hank’s cock was about 7″ but a thick as a beer can in the mirror. He worked its girth past my sphincter and began to push it in and out. He was having a hard time expanding my hole to fit its width. Myra came up to the table with what looked like a can of Crisco. She took a handful of the slick stuff and coated Hank’s cock with it. Then she put a gob of the stuff on her fingers and around her hand. “Just a second Hank, I don’t think this bitch is quite ready for a wide load yet. She inserted three fingers into my rectum covered with the “lard”. She worked it into my ass and inserted another finger. She smeared some more on the back of her hand, then inserted her thumb. Now she had all five of her fingers up my hole and she wiggled them inside me. Myra continued to press and push her hand deeper and deeper. The wide part of her hand was now rotating against the tight membrane of my muscle. Suddenly, her hand disappeared entirely and she was fisting my asshole up to her wrist. She would push it in deeper still until her forearm was sliding in and out of my hole. She pulled her hand completely out then shoved it back in suddenly. It was a violent rape of my ass but with each thrust I pushed back again and again. Hank took Myra by the shoulders and pulled her off and slammed his beer can dick into my ass. He put his legs on either side of my ass and fucked down into it. His cock was as thick as Myra’s wrist. I felt it swell even larger and then felt him empty his balls deep within my bowels. His cock pulsed again and again as he his seed gushed into me. Then I felt it begin to soften a little, and Hank pulled out, his cock still dripping cum. He came around to the front of the table and I gratefully sucked the last of his spunk out of his dick. Tony took Hank’s place at the wide open gaping hole. Tony’s dick was the largest of all the guys, 12″ long and with a hefty girth. The tip alone was almost as big around as Hank’s dick. He didn’t hesitate to jam his cock into my ass with no preliminaries. He pushed his monster cock into my ass,

using both hands to guide its length. I didn’t think that I could possibly take it all in and Tony began sawing in and out of my hole with a steady motion. His dick slid surprisingly easily into my ass after the treatment that Hank and Myra had administered, but still he could not get it balls deep. He would fuck me with long, long, strokes, with a steady pace that increased in small increments. He began to fuck me in earnest faster and faster, then he would pull his cock completely from my anus and after it was out for a second I could feel my ass open. Then he would slam it back in and fuck me faster and faster, withdraw, fuck, withdraw, fuck, withdraw, fuck, deeper and deeper. “My God, who would think that a white girl with a bubble ass could take all that Monster?” Tony’s big balls were slapping against my clothes pinned pussy, literally making them bite harder into my lips. I felt the sweat from Tony’s exertion fall on my back and a deep guttural roar came from his throat. He pulled his cock from my hole, walked to the front of the table where Myra held a double old fashioned glass as his cum gushed into it again and again. He filled the glass to almost HALF FULL of his white milky fluid.
“Very nice Tony” Myra said as she licked the few drops remaining from the tip of his
swollen organ. “Now I think our cum whore is in need of a little liquid refreshment,” She grabbed my hair wrapping it in her fingers and jerked my head back towards my shoulder blades. My mouth opened wide with the suddenness of the motion and Myra poured the contents of the glass down my throat. I had to swallow fast and still could not keep up. Some of Tony’s cream began to dribble from my lips and run down my chin. Myra caught it in her fingers, grabbed my jaw, and forced it open. “You swallow every last drop you honky scum bag, Every drop!.” She fed me the balance of Tony’s discharge with her fingers. Billy was the next owner of my ass. He was surprisingly gentle as he languidly fucked my ass almost as if distracted. Then quite unexpectedly he stopped, withdrew his 9″ cock from my ass, and it quivered in anticipation. I could observe as Billy massaged his tool and it became engorged with blood. The head was HUGE like a large mushroom and filled with blood until it was bright red. Suddenly, without fanfare he took the clothes pins on my outer lips and used them to pry my pussy open. He buried his mushroom headed cock into my cunt with one stoke and the pins on my cunt slammed against his pubis. The pain shot through me and I must have cried out. Ivan straddled my back and attached a ball gag in my mouth, while Billy rammed his cock fiercely in my pussy ignoring my muffled screams of protest. He fucked me roughly and without mercy for what seemed like an unbearable length of time. “Hey, white cunt, do you like this big black dick ramming your tight pussy. I’m going to fuck you so hard that you bleed bitch!” He grabbed my hair with one hand. He reached under my body with the other and jerked the clothes pins from by nipples. The pain was intense as the blood rushed into the compressed buds, and he took between his thumb and forefinger and pinched and twisted them so hard that my entire breast was twisted into a spiral. He pushed my head forward, grabbed my breasts in both hands in a death grip and used them to pull my body back into his thrusts. “Go Billy!” “Ride her boy!” “Fuck that white whore nigger!” “Pound that cum slut till she can’t breathe bro!” The filthy talk seemed to excite everyone and it continued as Billy slammed his cock faster and faster into my sore pussy. “Hell Myra, take the gag out of the bitch’s mouth. I want her to beg me to swallow my load.” Myra came to me and took the gag from my mouth, she took my chin in her hand. “You heard what the man said you white bitch.” She slapped me hard

across my cheek, Tears sprang to my eyes. Billy was standing in front of me with his dick in his hand. He grabbed my hair and bent down so that his face was inches from mine. “Well cunt, tell your master what you want.” I could hardly speak, when I felt the now familiar sting of the whip across my ass. “Please sir, let me swallow your cum!” I was surprised at the earnestness that the words expressed. “Try asking again whore.” “Please master allow me the gift of your cum. I need to have it!” “Tell me how much you like black dick bitch!” “I love black dick, I love to be fucked by big black dicks in all my holes. I want to be used by all of you in any way you want. Use me, and abuse me. Fuck my holes. Beat my ass. Torture my tits, pinch my cunt. Please master, let me drink the cum from your big beautiful black prick.” All the while Billy was stroking his prick. I could see his eyes get wider as I begged him to feed me his cum. Then it happened, “Open your mouth cum slut. I’m going to use your mouth for my dump. I want you to show me what a filthy little white cum whore you are. Show me my cum before you swallow it!” And with that I opened my mouth as wide as I could. Billy placed his prick on my tongue which I stuck out a far as I could in order to receive his gift. He pulsed wad after wad of gooey salty spunk into my mouth. It filled my mouth, my throat, and my cheeks, but I managed to not lose a drop. I opened my mouth so that he and all the others could see the load that he had filled me with. I was so full that I began to gargle it but I waited. He smiled and nodded and I swallowed all of his precious fluid in one gulp. Everyone applauded. I felt like the star of the show. But the night had just begun.
Myra released the bindings holding me to the table. I could barely stand. My knees were weak. She knelt between my legs and pulled the clothes pins from the lips of my cunt with a snap! The blood rushed to them and I could feel them as they swelled. She turned me toward the couch and I could see the last man (Uba) seated there stoking his long thin cock. Myra led be to him and positioned be over his penis. “Lower you ass onto his dick slut” Myra commanded. I did as I was told. Facing Uba I lowered my ass onto his stiff rod and began to ride him up and down. I was in control for a while. I worked his dick until I was impaling myself on its full length. Uba’s cock was long 10″ but thin and it felt soooo good as I pounded my ass down the length of it until I was slapping my ass against his balls. Uba grabbed my sore tits and pulled me roughly forward until he had them stretched to either side of his chest, my head on his right shoulder. Ed appeared at the back of the couch and began to feed me his cock. I sucked it like a little girl sucks a Popsicle. Uba began to slap my ass hard as he was now in the driver’s seat and with each slap I gobbled more and more of Ed’s dick. I felt Uba open his legs a little wider for what I thought was leverage. He stopped his movement. Then I discovered why he had changed positions. Ivan walked between Uba’s spread legs and began to work his dick into my ass as well. I would never have dreamed I would be able to take two dicks up my ass, but after being stretched by Hank and Myra, Ivan’s dick was soon embedded in my gaping hole Uba and Ivan then established a alternate stroke rhythm as they fucked my but with increasing velocity. They were bouncing me on their dicks like a rag doll. Uba grabbed my hips and slammed by body down on their pricks harder and harder. Someone took my hands and I was holding a prick in each, sucking Ed and getting sodomized by Uba and Ivan. Groans beginning to build from my molesters, and there was Myra. She had a cereal bowl and spoon in her hand. The fucking was building to its

climax and I knew that Uba and Ivan, were close to cumming. They both released their loads deep in me at the same time. I could feel the pulse of Ed’s dick as it neared climax, and the two pricks in my hands were hot and throbbing. Ivan withdrew from my ass. Uba lifted me from his prick and placed me on the floor in front of him. I immediately began to suck the fluid from his spent organ. Myra went to each of the men I had been jacking off Tony and Tyrone, and they released their loads into the bowl. Ed was next, then Hank, and Billy added their semen to the mix. Myra then placed the bowl under my ass. “Bitch release all that cum you got up there. Better put it all in the bowl,” My gaping ass had no trouble in following her orders and the stored cum spurted into the bowl accompanied by embarrassing farts as the air that had been compressed in my anus added its push to the gushing ooze.. Some began to run down my inner thighs but Myra caught it in the spoon. “Good Slut, now it’s time for your dinner”. She pulled me to my feet by my leash and led me to the glass table. I was placed on the table kneeling. I could see my swollen cunt and gaping ass reflected in the mirror below. Myra walked behind me and pulled my head back by my hair. Then Billy approached. Myra handed the bowl to him. “Open up cunt, here’s your dinner.” Myra fastened the cuffs of my wrists to my ankle cuffs behind my back so that I was arched forward with my breasts thrust slightly upward. Billy dipped the spoon into the bowl and produced a cum filled treat. He grabbed my jaw and said “You want this cunt? It’s all the dinner you’ll be getting tonight.” I nodded quietly. Billy slapped my tits with his free hand. He kept slapping them again and again leaving a pink imprint of his fingers on the flesh. “When I ask you a question I expect an answer whore!” “Yes master. Feed me please.” With that, he began to spoon the contents of the cum filled bowl into my mouth rapidly, barely giving me enough time to swallow. “I think cum is this slut’s favorite dinner.” The bowl was surprisingly full and a swallowed spoon full after spoon full of salty white jisum. Soon Billy was scraping the spoon across the bottom of the bowl. “Last bite bitch! For now.” I risked a slight smile as I licked the final spoon clean. I even held the bowl of the spoon between my compressed lips to assure that I had cleaned it well and ran my tongue around my lips and face. “Good girl slut. Myra, take this cunt away while we eat.” At Ivan’s command Myra unlocked my cuffs and led me by my leash to the bathroom. There she removed my ankle cuffs and stripped my shoes, garter belt and stockings away leaving me completely naked. She told me to stand in the shower then cuffed my wrists to the shower rod above my head. She gathered my stockings, shoes, and garter belt, turned on the cold water, closed the curtain and left me hanging there exhausted and relived by the cold spray. My mind drifted and floated as the water washed over my body. I nodded, barely conscious and only vaguely aware of time passing. I don’t know how long I was left there. My thinking was confused and I surrendered myself to a state of mindless bliss. I was aroused from my reverie by all of my captors’ entrance into the bathroom. Myra threw back the shower curtain and turned off the water. I was standing there naked suspended from the shower rod as they all took turns twisting my nipples, fingering my cunt and asshole. Myra turned me around so that my back was to them. “Well bitch, how do you like your night so far?” I tried to answer but my mind was still foggy and I mumbled something. The sting of the whip fell on my sore ass. I cried out. I was gagged with a ball gag immediately. “Ok, let’s see how much she can really take!” It was Billy that was speaking. “Hand me the whip Myra.” “OK Billy, but remember.

No permanent marks!” The whip whistled through the air as Billy lashed my ass again and again. Tears welled up in my eyes and I cried silently into my gag. “I think you got it pink enough Bill.” Indeed my ass was bright red from its beating but it felt warm and a strange tingling sensation began to establish itself in the abused flesh. “You ready for more fucking bitch?” Tyrone asked.” Yes master, give me more cocks.” This time there was no hesitation in my answer. “Good cunt, because we have some surprises for you tonight.” Tony responded. Myra unhooked me from the shower rod as the men exited the bathroom. “You’ve done real good whore but I must warn you that up until now we have been pretty tame with you. I remind you that you are ours for the night and we will use you any way we want. Is that clear?” “Yes mistress, I am ready to service you in any way you want!” “Good slut cause you’re in for some real shit now!” With that she helped me step from the shower and led me by my leash to the living room. There the men were all waiting. Myra went to the picture window at the front of the living room. From behind a curtain she produced two round dowel sticks, each about 6′ long with steel eye bolts inserted about 10″ from either end. “Spread your legs cunt!” At Myra’s command I did so. She then took my ankle cuffs and fastened each of them to the eye bolts on one of the dowel sticks. My legs were spread so wide that my inner thighs were stretched tight and my pussy and ass were wide open. She then fastened my wrists to the other dowel in the same fashion. She placed me on my knees in front of the window, facing it. Then she attached the dowel to hooks on either side of the window above my head. I could hear the men begin to snicker at my situation. Next a blindfold was placed over my eyes. So I was naked on my knees with my legs spread apart and my hands spread wide above my head. I heard her as Myra opened the drapes. From behind me I felt cool fingers exploring my sore ass, and some sort of cream being applied back there. Suddenly a hard thick cock was ramming in my ass and rough hands were squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples. My head hung forward towards my chest. In front of me someone was fingering my pussy. Running their thumb over my clit and spreading my nether lips. Again I felt an application of cream, this time to my moistening cunt. I arched my ass back to receive the fucking from the cock up my ass and I felt two fingers begin to enter my pussy. Then three, pushing and wiggling their way deeper and deeper as the cock in my butt continued to pump faster into my bowels. Four fingers, then the thumb. The hand in my cunt was insistent and I tried to bring my hips forward to meet it. Forward into the hand, back into the cock, forward, and back, the thick part of the hand was now spreading my pussy and I was straining to take the thickness. More of the creamy lubricant applied to the hand as it shipped past the entrance of my cunt and the wrist rubbed back and forth pulling my clit in and out. Someone was fisting my cunt while another man filled my ass with his hard rod. I felt the fingers of the hand in my pussy press themselves against the motion of the hard prick pounding in an out of my ass. The sweat of my exertion began to break out over my body. I moaned and writhed on the body parts inserted into me. I felt the hand in my cunt try to wrap the fingers around the cock violating my ass. I felt my own orgasm building in my body from my shackled feet, through my quivering thighs, my inflamed cunt and ass, my shuddering stomach, my heaving breasts, my flushed face to my tingling fingertips. Suddenly and violently I came so hard that the muscles in my pussy clenched the wrist of the fist embedded in it and at the same time I felt the gush of cum filling my bowels. My entire

body shuddered, quivered, and shook with the power of my orgasm. I did not care that I could be seen by any passerby. I did not care what I looked like or what anyone thought, I did not care that my body was being used and abused by strangers. I floated in ecstasy. The cock in my ass withdrew. I came hard again as it did. The hand popped from my sopping pussy. I came, hard again. The blindfold was removed and there were slack jawed black men staring at me through the window, strangers, four of them. I threw my head back and was overwhelmed with another crashing orgasm. Myra drew the drapes. “Gentlemen, I think our little cum slut just came harder than she ever has in her slutty life. Am I right whore?” I could only nod my affirmation. Tyrone came to my face and I licked his prick and sucked the last of the cum from his softening dick. He had been in my ass. Then Billy shoved his fingers in my mouth and I willingly licked the moisture of my dripping cunt combined with the creamy lubricant from his fingers, palm, all the way up to the wrist which had pleasured my engorged pussy. “Thank you for fisting and fucking me masters. Thank you for making you white cum slut whore cum so hard” Myra unhooked the dowel holding my hands above my head and positioned me on my hands and knees. Tony placed himself on his back with his monster cock standing straight up between my knees his calves anchoring my spread ankles and his back pinning my hands. I lowered my self on to the 12″ pole and began to work its length into my gaping cunt. I went slowly relishing the fullness of this monster dick and easing its length into the depths of my vagina. Rocking back and forth and inching more and more of its hardness into my dripping canal. I felt another orgasm wash over me as my cunt engulfed his organ to its base. I leaned forward and let my tender nipples rub against his hairy chest. I pressed them harder and harder against him, enjoying the pain of the tenderness and the friction. A smiling Hank approached from behind. I could see the globs of lubricant clinging to his hand, fingers, wrist, and forearm. I bent forward to receive the fisting that I knew was coming and slid my body along Tony’s like a snake in heat. Hank wasted no time in inserting his fingers in my gaping ass, he had short but thick hands like his cock in width and as he pushed it into my ass once again the pain of the stretching of my asshole combined with a warmth. Then his fist was jamming its way past all resistance and he began to pump his arm deeper and deeper into my whorish asshole. “Damn, Hank how much of your arm are you gonna’ cram up that twat. It feels like you got a telephone pole all up in there!” Tony was now thrusting his hips upward to meet my yawning fuck hole. “Got in damn near up to the elbow nigger, gonna see if I can bury my whole arm up to the shoulder in this bitch’s butt!” Instead he opened his hand inside me and pressed his fingers down on the membrane separating my ass from my cunt and I could feel Tony’s monster cock as it bumped along the joints in Hank’s fingers. Uba’s dick now appeared at my face and I opened my mouth wide to accept it. He grabbed the back of my head and began to roughly fuck my face. I gagged, and my nose started to run, tears came to my eyes, but Uba continued to fuck my throat with deep powerful strokes. He came quickly shooting his cum so deeply down my throat that I didn’t even have to swallow. I held his softening prick in my mouth and sucked it dry as Tony and Hank continued to stretch and pound into my body. I felt a pressure building in my ass. A feeling of pleasure I had not felt before as Hank pulled his fist from it and reinserted it again and again. An orgasm was again building within my body as Tony’s huge tool began to pulse and Hank’s fist pummeled in and out of my ass as though he

were using it as a punching bag. I began to cum. Hank rammed his arm deeper into my ass. I felt like he could grab my stomach or my heart he was in sooo deep. Tony’s prick erupted deep in my vagina, banging into the limit of my cervix “soul fucking” he called it. His cum shot into my body so thick and deep that I thought I could feel it fill my stomach from the inside. Hank twisted his arm side to side in my ass as Tony was cumming. My own orgasm knotted every muscle in my body as Hank swiftly yanked his arm from my gut. The construction of my cunt muscles gripped Tony’s cock like a vise, and bubbles of cum collected at the base of his dick and around the top of his scrotum. The contractions from my pleasure were so strong. He slid himself from under me toward my head and as he did I greedily licked and swallowed every drop of his cum that I could get, wanting to reach between my legs to gather the liquid which was bound to come forth. Ed appeared with what seemed to be a jelly glass and inserted it in the gaping hole of my freshly fucked vagina, as I came again and again. Tony’s spunk was caught and saved, and as he removed the glass from the lips of my pussy I silently thanked Ed for his thoughtfulness. Ivan began to roust everyone as I lay out face down on the carpet shuddering with the power of the orgasm I was still having. Lazily, I turned my head enough to see all the men pulling on their pants or shorts and observed Myra as she wrapped a sheer piece of cloth around herself and tied it just above her breasts. “Okay all, time for the road trip” Myra came to me and unfastened my shackled ankles “You’re going to love this, you filthy honky bitch. You may want to take this.” She produced a bit of white powder on a small piece of paper and held it under my nose. “Just sniff it girl, it’ll send you on a great high and when you cum you’ll shake the earth”. I did what she said, and felt no immediate effects.
The men were ready now and Billy and Uba each took a end of the pole stretching my arms apart and following the rest of the group marched me sideways out the door, naked into the night. They placed me in the back of the van on a mattress. They removed the dowel from my arms and cuffed my wrists to my ankles again behind me. I noticed that they had brought both of the dowels from the house. Ivan backed the van from the driveway with Billy seated in the front with him. Everyone else was in the back. I began to feel a little dizzy. Not unpleasantly so but definitely not quite stable. A small giggle escaped me as I realized my predicament. Naked white girl, high, in a van with 7 black men and a black woman, cruising the streets of LA., very funny. I began to hum an old slow tune that I remembered from childhood. I was keeping time to the music with nods of my head as the van cruised along the dark streets. I wasn’t aware of the time. I knew it was late probably early morning. I was vaguely aware of someone pinching my nipples as we bounced along the dark streets. Occasionally someone would stick a dick or a fist in my cunt or ass or mouth. It didn’t matter. I was there. I was theirs to use. I was floating on the edge of consciousness. As though in a dream I watched as Ed would collect cum in a little glass jar. Occasionally, Tyrone would scrape the drops from my body with a beautiful little knife and deposit them into the jar. We drove for a while and then we stopped. Ivan and Billy got out of the car and left the rest of us to ourselves. My sense of wellbeing continued as the awareness of my surroundings clarified. My head began to clear and my eyes began to focus a little better. My skin was tingling and I was having little body rushes. I felt wonderful! “Well white girl, are you ready to find out how much of a filthy slut cum whore cunt you really are?” It was Myra

who broke my reverie. “I am the world’s filthiest whore” I replied. “I’ll suck and fuck anything that, walks, crawls, flies, swims or slithers!” “Good whore, you’re going to get your wish. Glad to see you’re feeling fine!” “Bring her.” Myra said as she freed my arms and legs. Ed, Tony, Tyrone, and Uba each took an arm a leg and carried my naked body out of the van. With my head dangling I could see Hank struggling to pull the thin mattress from the van as Myra extracted the dowels. We were in a fairly dark and secluded alley and seemed to be in an industrial part of town. There was a cinder block U that I could see that probably would have held a dumpster, and one of those large orange barrels that they use to dampen the freeway exits turned on its side. The boys stood me on my feet and supported me by my arms. As I watched, Hank draped the mattress over the orange barrel and then Ed, Tony, Tyrone, and Uba led me over to it. “Sit down cunt!” Tony said. I licked his nipples as I complied. “Very funny bitch, now lay down.” I lay down across the curve of the mattress covered barrel and stared into the sky. I was aware that once again, Myra was attaching the ankle cuffs to the spreader bar so that my legs were spread wide. Then she came around to my head and attached the other spreader bar to my wrists. She pulled the bar behind my head while Ed and Tony stood on the ends of my ankle bar. I was wide open on my back with my tits and cunt arched over a mattress covered barrel. The night air felt sublime on my skin. The sound of shuffling feet approached from the region at my feet. With my head laid so far back over the curve of the barrel I could not see who was approaching, but I soon heard Billy and Ivan’s voices talking low and excitedly. I started to sit up but Uba and Tyrone placed their feet at the ends of the wrist spreader bar. Arched and exposed I turned my head to the left and Billy crouched close to my face. He patted my cheek, unzipped his baggy shorts, and slapped my face with his prick. I immediately opened my mouth and he started to fuck my mouth. Coughs and giggles ensued from persons I could not see. Billy took my left nipple between his fingers and began to pinch and twist it. The pain was exquisite. A hand reached out and began to caress my damp slut hole. I moaned in anticipation of it being filled by a huge throbbing cock, and thought to myself how delightful it was to suck and be fucked in the open. I knew that it must be Ivan’s fingers playing with my pussy. Suddenly, Billy grabbed my left tit as though he wanted to rip it from my body. He smiled cruelly and backed away from my sucking mouth. “Turn your head to the right whore!” I turned and saw Ivan standing there, his arm draped around Myra’s now bare shoulders, her hand massaging his stiffening cock. Uba and Tyrone were also in my field of vision and all their faces wore that same cruel smile. I could not see Ed or Hank as they anchored my feet. Hands, running themselves from my ankles up my calves, inside and outside of my thighs, several pairs of hands running themselves over my lower body, hands on my pubis, hands on my ass cheeks, hands on my sides. Vaguely familiar metallic smell filled the air. Tyrone stroking his dick on the right, Uba and Billy on the left Ivan and Myra off on the right and Ed and Hank at my feet. All those hands, I looked to Myra, as she nodded to Uba and Tyrone. They stepped off of my wrist restraint and each raised me up. As I uncurled, I almost screamed at what I saw. Ten or twelve of the dirtiest, unshaven, piss and filth covered men ever to wander the alleys of LA were kneeling around the barrel or standing at my feet, every one of them, without exception, staring at my stretched open pussy or my hard sore nipples with their cocks in their hands. I started to scream, but immediately Myra was there with the

ball gag. Billy held my head while she attached it. “Aren’t you proud of yourself slut? All these men are dying to just have a chance to drool on your naked body. See how you excite them? They were just boys when they last saw a pussy as sweet as yours. They are like animals now, each one smelling your juices, licking their chops, stalking your cunt, aware of your fear and your sweat. You are a goddess to these souls.” From behind me Myra reached around and held up my breasts for their inspection. “Come closer boys! Take a close up look at these perfect titties.” The men closed in on me in a tighter circle. Myra reached out to the closest of them and took his hand and placed it on my left tit. The hand was filthy black. The nails split and stained the face behind the beard and long hair a mass of tortured wrinkles. His hand shook so badly that Myra took both of her hands and pressed it to my nipple. She opened the palm and guided it in little circles around and around. My body could not help itself. The soreness and sensitivity responded to her ministrations and my nipple got hard and twitched into the filthy palm. A smile spread across the man’s face, exposing his yellow, broken teeth. His shaking abated and Myra did not have to guide his hand as he ran it down my tight belly, slowly and gently, his fingers glided over my pubic hair and ran down my inner thighs. So horrified at being touched by this unclean creature, I did not notice that his other hand was busy with his own pleasure and when I felt the warm splash of cum against my cheek, it was like a jolt of electricity. Then there was an abrupt surge of the onlookers. Emboldened by their companion’s successful ejaculation the men began to once again explore my body with their free hands. Pinching my nipples, pulling at my cunt lips, scratching my thighs, Uba, held my wrist bar up so that I could see these creatures as the explored my body. Hank stepped between my legs with his feet on my ankle bar and slammed his thick dick in my cunt and fucked me hard while the beasts watched and ran their pricks over my breasts and cheered as Hank pulled from my gaping cunt and sprayed his ejaculate on my stomach. Immediately Ed was there and collected the spunk into the ubiquitous jelly jar. I now knew what Myra meant when she asked if I was ready to find out what a filthy cum slut whore I was. My answer was only half a joke, and it was on me literally. With my eyes I made a plea to be released from my bondage, but was met with the hard stares of my captors. One by one, the men of the alley took their pleasure of my body. Some jacked off on my tits, some on my thighs, some on my face, and some on my feet. Their cum splattered in my eyes, my hair. They covered my body with their pent up spunk, and dutifully Ed was always there collecting. Tyrone, Tony, Hank, Ivan, Billy, Uba and Ed all fucked my cunt and ass as the creatures watched in fascination. They all deposited their cum in one place and one place only. My ravaged asshole, and as it dripped, the cumulative cum of my captors’ every drop was caught in the jar. With my acceptance of my situation, my gag was removed and I sucked all seven of their cocks so that no trace of their man milk was left. At last when they all had done with me I was lifted from the barrel. Uba took the mattress to the van. Billy, Tyrone, Hank and Tony then carried me shackled to my spreader bars to that cinder block U and laid me suspended across the opening with the spreader bars holding me above the ground resting on the sides of the U. Then all of the men who had watched me, fucked me, fisted me, paddled me, and left their cum in or on me stood around the top of the U removed their pricks, and began to piss on me. They showered my body from the tip of my head to between my toes with their warm, sterile, golden urine, and I remembered the
metallic smell of earlier. When they had all finished. The same four captors carried my piss soaked body to the van. Myra unhitched me from the spreaders and then produced a box of plastic wrap and wrapped my body in it sealing my arms at my sides and my legs firmly together Ed and Ivan tossed me unceremoniously into the back of the van and we drove away into the morning. When we returned to the house, Ivan, and Billy carried me in. They laid my body in the bath tub and left. Myra came in immediately and cut the plastic wrap from my body with a pair of sewing scissors. “Well aren’t you the filthiest, cum soaked , whore in LA?. Let’s clean you up”. With those words Myra removed her boots, leather crotch less panties and leather bra. She took the collar and leash from my neck and the cuffs from my wrists and ankles. She ran the water until it was nice and warm and filled the tub, adding scented oils and soaps to it as it did. She sat me in the tub and then stepped in and sat facing me. She squeezed a sponge full of the warm water over my head and began to shampoo my hair. She worked as though she had done this before, working the lather deep into my scalp an rinsing with clean warm water from the attachment above the tub. She gently washed my face, neck, shoulders and arms, my back, my breasts, working her way down to my very sore pussy and ass. She cleaned my toes, my feet, and my legs. “Stand up slut” she spoke it almost gently, lovingly. On shaky legs I obeyed her wish and as I did so she buried her face in my soap covered pussy and began to gently lick. She started around the outer lips of my vagina, where she had earlier attached the clothes pins, she licked them gently, and flicked her tongue between them to the inner lips of my sensitive cunt. She ran her warm moist tongue up my slit to the hood of my clit and took the skin there between her lips and sucked so softly it was almost as though she was breathing it in. Then the merest tip of her tongue found the hard button at the center of my being and she began to rapidly flick it. I grabbed the back of her head and pushed it harder against my pleasure button. She did not resist, but increased the pace of her lapping tongue against my swelling clitoris. I felt my orgasm building and began to shudder. Myra increased her pace again and inserted two fingers into my vagina. She pulled the fingers forward in my pussy and my clit became more exposed to her ministrations. I threw my head back and screamed as my climax hit me. Myra continued to lick and suck my pussy as I experienced wave after wave of electrifying passion. Finally, after several minutes, my body returned to its normal state of semi arousal and I was able to utter a sincere “Thank you Myra”. She looked up at me and smiled. “No honey, thank you. You have no idea of the erotic joy observing you tonight has brought me. You and I both know that the men enjoyed themselves. After all, with men it’s all up front” she giggled. ” But with us women it is different, very few of us are allowed the freedom to experience our deepest sexual wants and desires. It is only when we are willing to let ourselves be used without restraint that we can truly unleash the power of our sexuality. Thank you for letting me witness your power tonight” We kissed and talked girl to girl talk as we dried ourselves and wrapped ourselves in bath sheets. Myra led me into the living room, dawn was breaking and the men were nowhere to be seen. Myra turned and opened the front door for me. She gently unwrapped my body from the towel and I stood naked before her. “I put your clothes in your car slut. Here is a little something to remember your evening by” She pressed in my hand a simple jelly jar with a brass top. I turned and walked to my car naked with my head held high. Myra waved as I pulled away. Back at home, I opened the lid of the jar and inhaled the fragrance of all that warm, salty cum. “Wimp” I cried out, “ Crawl your naked flesh in here.” and with that I lay naked and prone on the kitchen floor. I tilted the bottle and smeared the sticky contents on my breasts and between my legs. There were pools and rivulets of it and as it oozed its way over my skin the Wimp licked, sucked, and swallowed the creamy liquid as he cleansed my body with his tongue.

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