“Diary of a real slut wife 4 bbc”!

My name is Sarah Greig. I am an elementary teacher here in Southern California. I am currently married to a wonderful husband (we’re both Caucasian). My confession is that I … Continue Reading →


“Here is what the world thinks about white women dating black men”! (Interesting)”!!!

“why white women date black men”! “part 2 of why white women date black men”! “part 3 of why white women date black men”! “part 4 of why white women … Continue Reading →


Interracial Girl Friends

Some girls simply perfer black        


How To Be A Slut

A slut is a word that is typically used to describe promiscuous women and women that enjoy casual sex. It is a word that is exclusively used for women and … Continue Reading →


Diary of a white cum slut whore pervert

Author: Barbara Boyd email: I dressed in my white summer dress. No bra, no panties. As MASTER ordered. A white garter belt with silver stockings and shoes (figured the … Continue Reading →


Tips on Becoming an Easy Target For Black Mens Attention

Recognize & own the fact that you are a girl that wants to be seen by black men as an easy target.  If you find yourself sleeping with many black … Continue Reading →


Bimbo Training

Bimbo Basics (what is a bimbo) What are we? We are bimbos, to some uninformed women air headed sluts who serve no use to any one, to others that great … Continue Reading →


Ashley’s Dark Awakening Ch. 03

“Hi Sandy…” Ashley breathed hoarsely into her phone. “Ashley! What took you so long? You sound like you’ve been running for hours. What happened?” “Well…” Ashley had passed out sometime … Continue Reading →


Ashley’s Dark Awakening Ch. 02

Black Seed Sown Showing Changes After that fateful party, everything changed. No longer a meek wallflower, Ashley paraded through the halls of her school, a girl bloomed into womanhood. Not … Continue Reading →